PowerConserver reduces power consumption by server-based scripting to power disk drives up when required and down when not. PowerConserver is particularly useful for disk-to-disk backup, when the backup disk target is only used during the backup window so the drives can be turned off during the rest of the day.

PowerConserver provides the following functions:
Activate/deactivate a volume
While a volume is activated, it is accessible for read/write. When a volume is deactivated, the volume is inaccessible. If all of the volumes that reside in a disk pool are deactivated, the disks in the disk pool are turned off.
Activate/deactivate a disk pool
Turn disks on or off at the physical disk pool level, rather than at the volume level.
Allow/disallow deactivation of a disk pool
Prevents unauthorized or accidental deactivation of a disk pool.
Display state
Shows the current activation state of a volume or pool.