VirtualStoragePartitioning (VSP) facilitates storage consolidation while improving quality of service (QoS) and management control. It creates virtual arrays that can be allocated their own resources as well as draw from a shared pool of resources, improving utilization and centralizing management. VSP can set a minimum threshold of cache for each virtual array, with the ability for the utilized cache to increase beyond that threshold, but not go below. That way, applications can have a quality of service that won't be affected by the activities of other applications sharing the same array.

Each virtual array can have its own users and administrators that can not see or adjust resources that have not been allocated to their partition.

VSP provides the following functions:
Virtual array configuration
Create virtual arrays and allocate storage resources (disk pools, logical disks, cache segments, ports). Virtual arrays have access to shared storage resources as well.
Adjust virtual array configuration
Storage resources can be added or removed dynamically to virtual arrays. Virtual arrays can be created and deleted dynamically.
Users and administrators
Virtual array users and administrators only have access to the virtual arrays to which they have been assigned. They can only see or modify the resources that have been assigned to the virtual array. The physical array administrator can allocate/remove resources to/from the virtual arrays.