NEC 스토리지 소프트웨어 (NEC Storage M100/M300)

NEC Storage PerformanceNavigator

 Basic information
NEC Storage PerformanceNavigator is a product to analyze performance of NEC Storage disk array systems in an integrated fashion.

Task of a system administrator engaging in performance analysis and management cost can be reduced as no expertise or experience for storage is necessary and also multifaceted and efficient analysis of vast performance data are possible.
 Entire performance status can be grasped at a glance
Major performance indexes such as I/O density, transfer rate, response time, cache hit ratio of NEC Storage disk array systems can be graphed or displayed. Displayed items are preset and no prior setting is necessary. The items defined can be flexibly customized to efficiently grasp entire situation depending on purposes.
 Multifaceted and efficient analysis of vast performance data
Performance status of related resources of a storage device can be analyzed in a lump. As detail analyzing functions, comparison of past performance data (at normal operation, on a specific day in a month, on a specific day of a week) and statistics data (average, median value), extraction by condition, automatic generation of summarized data by hour, day, or month are implemented. With these functions, multifaceted analyses of vast performance data created by various logged items and accumulation of past data depending on purpose of a user without much effort is enabled and detection of bottleneck and trend analysis can be made more efficiently.
 Simplified integration of analysis environment
As data is analyzed off-line without constantly connected to other machines such as management servers, integration of analysis environment become simple and flexible. Performance data can be downloaded by simple operation at any time and various collected and analyzed data can be managed in a comprehensible integrated fashion by a tree view.