NEC 스토리지 소프트웨어 (NEC Storage M100/M300)

NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous

 Basic information
NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous is provided to users of data migration between disk array devices or small-scale remote data replication with limited function and at low price.
Major function of NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous
 Restoration protecting replicated volumes
When a replicated volume is copied to the master volume for restoration, selection is possible whether the replicated volume reflects access from business servers to the master volume or not.
 Remote replication
Remote replication is executed in a geographically distant site.
 Simultaneous replication of a pair in serial combination
A pair connected in serial combination by NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous and NEC Storage DynamicDataReplication can be replicated simultaneously.
 Remote pair operation
A pair in a remote disk array device can be operated remotely through a link of NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous.
 Swap function of RDR pair
Flexible switching between a main site and a remote site is realized.
 RDR via a low speed link.
This function enables to configure NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous on a low-speed link of 10Mbps to 30Mbps or on a best effort link (no bandwidth guarantee). This function realizes disaster recovery and data migration at low cost.
 Limitations of NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous
 Number of RDR pair for a logical disk(parallel RDR pair configuration)
one RDR pair (coexistence of DDR pair is possible)
 Multistage configuration of upper RDR pair and lower RDR pair for a logical disk (sequential configuration of RDR pairs)
prohibited (sequential configuration of DDR pair and RDR pair is permitted)
 Volume over 2TB
not available.
 Copy mode of replication
background copy only.

RDR pair can be set between a disk array device with NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication and a disk array device with NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous . But the limitation of NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication Asynchronous applies to this pair.

* Other functions are same.
 Application examples
 Backup concurrent with online business
Online data can be replicated easily. This replicated data can be used as a backup. Since data is replicated using an NEC Storage disk array system resource only, the operation does not put any impact on servers or influence online business. Data can be extracted from a replicated database and saved to a tape without interrupting on-going business operations. Online response during data saving is perfectly safe.
 Search operation concurrent with online business
By retaining the data for search operation independently in a replicated volume, business operation and search operation can be performed without influencing each other. With this configuration, disk access competition and deadlocks are eliminated.
 Concurrent batch processing
Concurrent batch processing using a replicated volume significantly reduces processing time.
 Building an application evaluation environment
An application evaluation environment can be configured easily by using replicated volumes. Repeated tests with the same data are possible by using a restored copy without reflecting master volume update to the replicated volume.