NEC 스토리지 소프트웨어 (NEC Storage M100/M300)

NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication/DisasterRecovery

 Basic information
As a result of rapid diffusion of the internet and development of IT utilization, companies' basic structure of business and social or public infrastructure systems such as banking or communications have become OMCS (open mission-critical system) in recent years. In accordance to that, robust BC (Business Continuity) and rapid DR (Disaster Recovery) are required.

NEC has enhanced existing remote data replication function and provides it as "NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication/DisasterRecovery" in order to achieve disaster-proof systems. It has a function which recovers the system to the point near to the time of system failure. It is also capable of asynchronous data transfer with no impact on business performance maintaining update sequence of database and log files on main site, hence consistency of data which is transferred to replication volumes in remote site is guaranteed.
 Atomic group
Multiple pairs of volumes can be managed as atomic groups. Consistency of data in each atomic group is assured if a disaster occurs.
 Remote replication
Remote replication is executed in a geographically distant site.
 Semi-synchronous sequential assurance
Data loss is minimized due to the semi-synchronous and sequential-assured data transfer.