NEC 스토리지 소프트웨어 (NEC Storage M100/M300)

NEC Storage ReplicationControl FileSystem Option

 Basic information
NEC Storage ReplicationControl FileSystem Option creates replicas for uninterrupted backup by using data replication functions (NEC Storage DynamicDataReplication and NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication). By writing the data on the cache memory of the file system to the volume before separating a replicated volume, data consistency and safe duplication of the file system are ensured.
The following is a description of the main functions of NEC Storage ReplicationControl FileSystem Option.
 Synchronization of files system and separation of disks
The product separates disks after synchronizing all data on a file system not written to a disk by freeze synchronization of the file system on Volume Group (VG). The synchronization is performed per VG basis under Logical Volume Manager (LVM).
 The option to activate separated disks on the same host
By designating options upon execution of the command, the commands of LVM needed to activate separated disks as a new VG on the same host are automatically executed. A logical volume in the activated volume group can be mounted as it is. This function is useful when the separated disks are backed up by the same host.
 Re-replication function of separated disks
The product re-replicates a replicated volume after separation. If the separated replication volume is already activated as a new VG and mounted, the product performs replication after the replication volume is unmounted and then deactivated.
 Supports configuration with NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication (RDR)
FileSystem Option can be used for configuration with NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication(RDR) that performs replication between separate disk array devices.
 Supports configuration that multiple replicated volumes are paired with one master volume
NEC Storage can configure up to three replicated volumes (RV) for one master volume (MV) and can synchronize each pair of MV and RV simultaneously. FileSystem Option can be used with this configuration.
 Supports immediate separation function
The product supports immediate separation function of NEC Storage DynamicDataReplication and NEC Storage RemoteDataReplication.
 Use of a configuration file
Options used upon command execution can be set in a configuration file. The options can be set for each VG when complex options are repeatedly used or multiple VG configurations are used.
 Application examples
 Disk backup