NEC 스토리지 소프트웨어 (NEC Storage M100/M300)

NEC Storage VirtualStoragePartitioning

 Basic information
NEC Storage VirtualStoragePartitioning divides storage resource into managed units and manages each unit as virtual storage (Virtual Storage Partition:VSPAR). A user authorized to operate a VSPAR can be created and the user can be assigned to the VSPAR. The functions provides following effects;
 Minimize the performance influence among business tasks
- By treating tasks other than production online business or major business, such as batch, backup and development, in managed units and managing the units as VSPAR, performance influence among tasks can be eliminated and stable performance is assured for major business.
- A new business can be added without influencing the performance of current business.
 Prevent miss-operation
- Miss operation for resource outside of authority of business server administrator is prevented.
- Management load of storage administrator in a large scale system can be divided.
The following is a description of the main functions of NEC Storage VirtualStoragePartitioning.
 VSPAR creation, setting change and deletion function
The product allocates resources (pool, cache segment, port) and assigns user access rights. Creation and setting change of VSPAR can be performed by wizard through a client GUI of NEC Storage Manager.
 VSPAR creation function
Creates a new VSPAR. User administrating VSPAR can also be assigned.
 VSPAR setting change function
Changes resources allocated to VSPAR. User access rights can also be changed and added.
 VSPAR deletion function
VSPAR deletion function
 VSPAR administrator creation function
Creates a user to administrate a VSPAR. An user can be created through a client GUI of NEC Storage Manager.
 User display
Displays created users and status of VSPAR assigned to the user.
 User creation
Creates and deletes a user and changes setting of a user.